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Indoor Big Bash

How was the league formed?
The Indoor Big Bash (IBB) was formed 7 years ago in 2010 in Watford with initially 6 teams competing in it’s first year. The league came about with some friends all wanting to play the sport they loved in winter when outdoor cricket is not possible. IBB allows cricket lovers to keep themselves in shape and engaged with the sport they love throughout the colder months in a fun and competitive environment. Alot of young people are part of the league which keeps them off the streets and allows them to remain involved in Cricket throughout the year. There is this notion that Cricket is not really an intense sport but Indoor Big Bash (IBB) very much is! As the years went on more and more people wanted to play even players who had not played cricket for years wanted to play this intense format in which a game lasts just over an hour. This led to the number of teams participating increasing year on year. Purpose of the league is The format is played in two formats 8 aside (16 overs) or 6 aside (12 overs). Everyone bats with a pair for 4 overs and bowls 2 overs so you get good value for your money too! 
Due to the format becoming popular over the years we now have 17 teams competing in Watford spread over two Divisions.  
Do we have to purchase a kit? What is the cost per player?
The cost is £6 per player per game; Kit top must be worn in all games and is to be purchased through us and a top costs just £10.
When did IBB start in Luton?
In 2015 plans were made to launch IBB in other areas too starting with Luton. The league was revamped with bigger sponsors coming on board and on long term deals. IBB was initially launched in Luton with six teams in the 2016-2017 season. The players and spectators thoroughly enjoyed the format and alot of people have shown interest in entering a team for the 2017-2018 season.
What are future plans and has there been any interest nationally/globally?
We have managed to get national coverage this season on two occasions on Geo TV Channel as they came to cover our Luton Finals day and also our Watford Finals Day which also included a game between the Champions of both towns for Prize Money. We are now in talks with few other areas to get it setup there too. We have had interest from abroad aswell so stay tuned!!!  We have even recieved video support from leading cricketers such as Sarfaraz Ahmed, Asad Shafiq and even the legend Viv Richards! 
Social Media Coverage
Our Facebook Page now has over 10,000 likes and is increasing on a weekly basis. We Facebook streamed a few games this year and one of our semi final had over 2,000 views! We have reputable sponsors on board who are backing our league such as Al Rayan Bank, LA Tech, Kaspas, Umar Farooq Photography, LA Windscreens, Butt and Co Solicitors without their help this league would not be possible.