Indoor Big Bash Rules:

    • 8 a side cricket
    • 16 over game
    • Guaranteed 4 overs batting for each pair.
    • Minus 5 runs if you get out
    • Every player must bowl 2 overs each
    • Ball is always in play so you can run singles. The ball is only dead after end of over or when there’s a wicket.
    • If it hits the ceiling and directly hits the back wall its a six. If it hits the ceiling and bounces on the floor its nothing. If it hits the ceiling and bounces on the floor and hits the back wall that’s nothing as it bounced on floor and didn’t hit wall directly.
    • If the ball hits the nets directly on the back wall it is six runs.
    • If it hits the nets in the middle directly it will be 2 runs and batsman can only run one max if the ball is stuck.
    • If the ball is stuck in the benches where spectators are sitting batsman will get one run for wall and can only run one run max.
    • If it hits the player and hits side wall then it will be runs in extras column and if batsman run then it will go in extras column too.
    • If a six is hit and there’s a run out it will be 6-5. The six will be counted.
    • If a four is hit and the batsman get run out it will be 4 minus 5. The four will count.
    • You can run overthrows, boundaries (6s and 4s) and even when the bowler is walking up to his mark.
    • If the ball bounces off the side walls or roof and is then caught it’s out. (Therefore it will be minus 5 runs).
    • If the ball hits the roof and an attempt is made to catch the ball but they drop it and it hits the side wall it will be no runs as it hit the roof first however if same happens but hits the boundary wall without bouncing that will be a six.
    • If the fielder catches ball and happens to touch any of the walls the batsman is out for e.g. the ball is hit straight aiming for a six but fielder catches on boundary and touches wall as long as its a clean catch and ball doesnt hit wall he is out.
    • If the batsman hits the first half of the side wall its 1 run and batsman can run any singles on top.
    • If the ball hits the second half of the side wall its 2runs and batsman can run any singles on top.
    • If the ball hits the back wall it’s no runs.
    • Extras such as wides and no balls are 3 runs each and team can run on top but delivery will be counted. In the last over the batsman has the option to retake ball if a wide or no ball is bowled. If he retakes he will only get one run and not 3 runs.
    • If the ball pitches off the mat it will be called a no ball.

    Super Over:

    • In the event the game is drawn a super over will take place in which both teams will bat for a full over. The team batting second in the main match will bat first in the Super Over and send their pairs.
    • Wides and no balls can be retaken which will mean batting team gets one run and retake ball if they decide not to retake they get 3 runs and ball will be counted.
    • The team that scores the most runs wins.